Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exquisite Jewerly - Metalsmith Rebecca Barton

Rebecca Barton
Just Begun - 2008

Rebecca Barton
Devil's Yoke - 2009

Rebecca's work is incredible. She blurs the line of create and the natural world recreating earthly wonders in a wearable form. BRAVO Rebecca!

Check out Rebecca's site at:


  1. Funny I love jewellery but rarely wear any; I often wonder why. These pieces are groovy and suit my non desire to wear as they are, to my mind, sculptures. Interesting blog. Checked out your jewellery on Etsy; love it. I am a Londoner, artist/antique dealer now living in Northern France; we seem to have similar crative preoccupations... If bored do pass by my blog sometime, meanwhile enjoy the Californian sun and wine! Thanks, Linda.

  2. Linda, I would love to enjoy the California Sun but there is non lately. It's been rainy and cold so far this year.
    I will check out your blog.
    I too think that Rebecca's jewelry are sculptures.
    Love to chat.

  3. Rebeccas jewellery is beautiful. I could imagine it in theatre performances and art installations.