Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gaman at the Renwick: The Art and Craft of Dignity

“Gaman,” is the Japanese word for “to bare the seemingly unbearable with dignity and patience.”
Please take a few minutes to watch this video of the art and crafts made by Japanese-Americans that were interned in to camps after Pearl Harbor. Truly amazing pieces. The spirit and dedication to detail is inspiring to all artists. The conditions they lived in were substandard but to imagine how they made all of these pieces is astounding and I complained about not having a studio.

Sundial Film Festival

The 2nd Annual Sundial Film Festival is an incredible addition to the Northern California arts movement. I watched the International Animation section tonight and was extremely impressed. The animation was incredible diverse with works from Spain, Bosnia and the US. I was personally moved, disturbed and inspired by a short 4:07 minute film called Sebastian's Voodoo.
The creativity and dedication of these artists are incredible. Thank you to all of them for sharing. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Redding for making all this movie magic happen.

Last years winning film "The Cart" by Jesse Rosten was mesmerizing. He set the bar very high. I've included his you-tube location so take a look again and relive the magic of "The Cart"

Flicker on!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, here goes nothing!

I've always thought that blogging was for super geeks and intellectuals and here I am, blogging. I hope you enjoy this little adventure with me.

I love jewelry and have been making jewelry since high school. I started when I made a 3 inch glass teardrop into a light catcher by stringing it by beads. Then onto super simple beaded necklaces. I actually remember the first time I ever made something. I mean not just stringing color patterns but actually having and idea prior to starting and following that idea blindly and trying so hard to have the vision come true. Well it did and I still have that necklace. It's crude, not very wearable but damn is it beautiful. I think I just realized how much that piece actually means to me. WOW an epiphany!

I digress. I love jewelry of all kinds and I hope to showcase some of the very talented, creative and interesting people that also have the first piece of jewelry they made tucked away for safe keeping.

Here is a video of my idols. I have been following these guys for years. I first saw a piece of there jewelry on a lady in 1989 or so and feel in love with polymer clay cane work and have been following them every since. These 2 make we weep with inspiration of the process, creative release and of letting go of fear.