Sunday, May 16, 2010

Katie Rodgers Apparel, Accessory Designer and Illustrator

CG: Kathryn, your work is beautiful. I love that you've thought beyond the world of fashion and made these available as art. I can totally see them in some young fashionista's abode. When did you realize that your passion was fashion design and illustration?

KR: It's always been something I've loved... since I was younger. It's just something I instinctively notice about people. Not necessarily in a judging way, but I enjoy seeing the different ways people dress whether or not I personally like it. I think fashion is such a beautiful thing in so many ways.

CG: I see that you find inspiration from other designers and even the darling Tavi. Who and what has influences you the most?

KR: I'm honestly not influenced by individual people as much as I am by everything and everyone around me. It's less of a direct inspiration that I get- It's more of a combination of everything in my life. My mind and inspirations are constantly shifting!

CG: If you could work with any artist or designer living or not who would it be?

KR: Hmm.. I'm not sure if I can answer this. I have a really hard time picking favorites or just one person... sorry!

CG: What is your most important single accessory?

KR: Definitely a simple, funky, but classic leather handbag. It's something I use everyday and it holds so many important things- and gives me that edgy feeling no matter how many times I use it or what I wear it with.

CG: Tell us about your process of illustrating from start to finish.

KR: First I find some inspiration (usually one of the billions of photos I collect everyday online). Then I start with a pencil sketch, then watercolor and finally add ink over it to add more contrast and interest. It's a fairly simple process :). After I'm finished, I scan the illustration and clean up the background in photoshop!

CG: What is your guilty fashion pleasure?

KR: Another tough question! I'd have to say shoes.. I LOVE to buy nice shoes. I have so many nice heels and shoes, but it's funny because I always stick to wearing a select handful of favorites. So most of my shoes make few appearances - they are easy though. You'll never go to a store and feel fat from trying on a nice pair of shoes!Please visit Katies Blog:
Katie's Etsy site is:
Katie Rodgers


  1. I love her sense of "drama"..beautiful work...and thanks Troy for introducing us to this great artist!

  2. Kate, You're very welcome. By the way the Tibetan Pu-erh tea we got from you is so nice but with summer here we are going to need more of your Shanghai Lime tea. We are big iced tea drinkers.