Thursday, May 20, 2010

Darla Jackson - Expressions in Clay

Jackson hails from South Jersey but planted her roots in Philly in 1999. In 2003, she graduated from Moore College with a BFA in Sculpture. Jackson currently works out of her studio in North Philadelphia and teaches at both the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Fleisher Art Memorial, both in Philly. She loves her family, birds, and peppermint patties. She hates slugs, nickles, and parking tickets.Darla's sculpture is an exploration of the duality of emotions. In order to express the ideas, she uses feelings that have been turned into recognizable visual objects, symbols, and juxtapose them with other elements to create this duality. Through the anthropomorphism of animals, the use of strong body language of figures and the use of symbolism, i can convey my familiarity with an oddness that makes it compelling.
To make my sculptures, I start out sculpting them in clay. Once they're finished, I make rubber molds and cast the pieces in either polyurethane resin or gypsum cement.
I get my reference from everywhere...people I know, stories I hear, photos i find on the internet, Disney movies, you name it...

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