Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day - The Tale of a Loggers Son.

Earth Day is April 22.
I'm a big tree hugger and have participated and organized efforts of save forests and protect wildlife. My father however worked for a company here in Northern California that built logging trailers. He and I were never in conflict over this until my first year at college. I had over heard a conversation between my dad and his boss about plans to tour the area in question and have local logging companies make some recommendations for use. I and a group of nature lovers chained ourselves to a group of tree and ran chains across the road to protect this section of forest for the Spotted Owl. Here we are 16 of us chained around these huge trees and up rolls my father, his boss and team of logging company owners. My dad never acknowledged he knew me. 5 hours later after the sheriff was called we were cut apart and sent home as silly kids. Thanks in part to my dad convincing the sheriff not to arrest us. When I got home things were a bit different.

I thought I'd share a few earth friend pieces from artists and crafts people that I enjoy.
I hope you enjoy as well!
Dekt Out Belt Buckle
Made out of reclaimed Skate Board Decks
Recycled Boylan's Lemon Seltzer Bottle Glass
Reuseable Sandwich Baggie
Elana - Tree Doll

Check out for things you can do to protect our planet.


  1. Happy Earth DAy!
    love the glasses-always looking for new ways people use wine bottles~

  2. Jacqm,
    I love your site. I've always felt sad for all of those wasted wine and booze bottles.
    Great pieces!