Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bird & Blue Bug

O.K. I've been bitten by the bird bug as well as the blue bug. No I'm not sick, I don't have some contagious fowl flu and I don't need a miracle cure! I have no idea where this has come from but I seem to be finding these luscious, luminous and inspiring shades of blue. I am also on a bird kick anything with a bird has me gaga. What is up with that? I've always bee attracted to bird, especially Ravens. They fly for goodness sakes. I had dreams of flight as a kid and alwys flapped my wings and saw great wonders.
I wanted to share a few of these beauties that I've found. Look for some of them to be blog entries all by themselves.

Sculpture by:

Hybrid Sculpture by:

Folk Art Doll by:

Sparrow Necklace by:

Ceramic Prayer Flag by:

Blue Bird Cake Topper by:

Blue Jay Etching on Copper by:

What is your passion this season?
Please leave a comment. Feel free to send me a link at and I will try and post a few other passions from readers.

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