Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love of Music

I've always loved music and appreciate everything from Joan Baez to Missy Elliot. 12 years ago when I moved from Redding to Sacramento I was thrilled with the then healthy music scene. I enjoy live music and found many of my favorite albums through these performances. When we moved back to Redding I went on the hunt for local music. What did I find? A small but thriving musical community populated by real good bands playing for the love of it. We've had the pleasure of listening to the likes of the Jim Dyar Band, Garrett Viggers and Allison & Victor. Naming a few local groups that we like. We have also heard some great traveling tunes like Mathew Herringer Band-Sacramento, Jaokob Martin-Los Angeles and Danny Malone-Autsin, TX. All who now have an CD amongst my prized stack, preciuosly setted, next to the stereo.

I thought I was pretty savvy about music. But, today I learned about Live from the Artists Den. A 2004 venture that brought one music lovers dream of staging amazing live performances in alternative venues to life. The site features video, photos and downloadable music from some of the most incredible emerging and established musician.

I also learned about singer, Patty Griffin. You can watch an almost 40 minute concert by Patty on Live from the Artists Den.

Check it out:

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  1. The photo is of Garrett Viggers with a Lap dulcimer.