Friday, June 4, 2010

Skittles Have Found Us!

While our friend Elliott, my mom and I were weeding the front yard, the friendliest little tuxedo kitten stopped by to say hello and to see what were we doing. We brought him inside since he was alone and without a collar. After 2 hours of loving and lap sitting my partner Adam took a walk around the neighborhood to ask if anyone had lost a kitten. He stopped a new neighbor to ask. She pointed to a house that just happen to have the twin of the little guy we had tucked into the office chair at home. Adam asked the woman talking on the phone out front if she was missing a little tuxedo male. Her answer infuriated Adam. "Male I thought they were all girls. they just run where ever they want." Well this didn't settle well with Adam or our new friend the jogger. The quickly scoped up the twin and her equally adorable grey tabby sister. They are now terrorizing every object in our office. Since Adam and I have rescued many, many, many kitties over the years, we are looking for good homes for these adorable 3 siblings.
Here are our 3 boarders.

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