Monday, March 22, 2010

From Biology to Baubles the Jewelry of Naama Brosh

Naama Brosh is an Israeli born jewelry and accessory designer and the creator of " Fauna & Flora". Naama uses forms and symbols from nature, mostly flowers, in intense colors. The final results are naïve, humorous and joyful.

As a child Naama played the guitar and ballet danced. In high school she became interested with Biology and went on to recieve her Ph.D. in Life Sciences from Israel's prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science. She specialized in the immune system. When Naama turned 40 she began to question her choice of careers. She took some good advice and read Julia Cameron's book 'The Artist's Way".

In the summer of 2004 after being fired from her job Naama begin making jewlery full time – and has never again worn a lab coat!
"Making jewelry was natural, says Naama. "I always had a great passion for jewelry and collected beads as well as inspirational images as long as can remember.

Q: You have a Ph.D in Life Sciences, how has that effected you artwork?
A: As an artist who is former life scientist I keep investigating, admiring and interpreting nature as a divine creation. As in the lab, my work is very accurate and precise.

Q: Everyone collects something. What kinds of collections do you have?
A: I collect beads, buttons and sea shells. I have several inspiration notebooks full of images cut from design and fashion magazines.

Q: Do you have a favorite place you buy the pieces for your jewelry?
A: I have some places here in Israel, keeping old bead stocks, and I also buy a lot in Ebay and in Etsy.

Q: If a piece of your jewelry came alive what would it say?
A: A living jewelry would laugh a healthy laugh!

Q: Tell us a little bit about Tel Aviv?
A: Tel Aviv is a metropolitan: the design and fashion center of Israel. It resides by the Mediterranean which inspires a sunny and vacation-like mood almost year round. The city has active scenes of music, dance, clubs, and young people.

Q: What's your single favorite color.
A: I probably could not do without RED!

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